Spring Olive Pants – Mini Haul & Try-On from Mark’s, Gap, Old Navy & BR

I’ve been obsessed with green and olive green for a few seasons now. But I realized recently I didn’t have a pair of casual olive green pants in my wardrobe to style this spring/summer.

So I went (mostly) online for a mini shopping haul at various retailers for a pair.

Olive pants are the perfect non-denim pants for a natural/relaxed capsule wardrobe. They also work well in a classic wardrobe, especially this season, as olive is one of the trending, more neutral colors.

Olive green pairs well with different colors and offers a great alternative to jeans.

Olive Green Pants Try-on Haul from 4 Different Brands

Below are the 5 different olive pants styles I tried. All are light and airy, and mostly cotton or linen materials for breathability.

For reference, I’m usually a size S or 27/28 in pants and stand 5’5″ tall with a squishy hourglass shape and a slightly shorter torso. I’ll link the pants and drop the size under each photo.

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mark’s Canada linen Pull-on Pants

Woman posing wearing a black/white striped t-shirt, cropped linen olive green pants and black sneakers.
Size S from Mark’s Canada

I’ve never shopped at Mark’s before and decided to pop inside after a jaunt to the nearby hardware store. I was specifically looking for olive cargo/utility pants.

They may not have had the pants I was looking for, but I did find these olive linen blend pull-ons with a wide, cropped leg.

I didn’t realize how many ‘regular’ women’s clothes they had, so I grabbed this olive pair and another one in a black/white striped version. I also snagged a pair of Levi’s shorts of clearance, but I digress…

In terms of fit, they are said to be high waidsted, but fit more mid-waist on me. But with the bigger elasticized band, it acts like a girdle on my belly fat area, so I took them home.

That said, the crotch area is really short and pulls in at the groin, so I hope I’m still within their 100-day return window to take these back!

BAnana Republic Olive Barrel Trousers

Woman posing wearing a black/white striped t-shirt, barrel shaped olive green pants and black sneakers.
Banana Republic size 4 Canada | USA

When I opened the package, I was appalled at the very thin material, considering these pants ru $150 Canadian, but my thoughts were short-lived.

The Avila Barrel Pants fit true to size and exceptionally well at the waist, while the slight barrel shape really accentuated my waist and was generally flattering.

They are a bit overly voluminous around the front pleats, which is my experience so far with front-pleated pants from BR and GAP. I find the extra-wide fit fun, but it might not be for everyone.

That said, I decided not to keep these because the delicate 72% cotton, 28% nylon fabric, would surely show any slight stain. Not practical, as I have kids and am clumsy, so that was a no, especially at the price-point.

Old NAvy Straight Leg Cotton Chinos

Woman posing wearing a black/white striped t-shirt, olive green pants and black sneakers.
Size S – Old Navy Canada | USA

I loved these as they’re perfect for high waists, easy to wear straight legs, and made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex.

They felt soft but sturdy, so I decided to keep them. Generally a great style to wear for school drop-offs, running errands, and working at my desk without looking frumpy.

That said, I did regret the choice because these stretch out REALLY badly, including at the knees after sitting at my desk. I feel the need to wash them after each wear to maintain their shape.

I would have definitely sized down, but even so, the fact that they have some elasticity but don’t ‘snap’ back really bothers me.

GAp linen Cargo Pants

Woman posing wearing a black/white striped t-shirt, wide leg olive green linen pants and black sneakers.
Size XS – GAP Canada | USA

I originally tried these on in an S, back in my Gap spring haul post, but returned them as they were way to large. But when they went back on sale, I snagged them in a size XS and they fit perfectly, as you can see.

They are a mix of linen/modal, which isn’t ideal as I prefer 100% linen, but I love the thickness of the material and the perfect drape and fit at the waist.

I kept these and they are the perfect look with the matching linen waistcoat for a relaxed, yet put-together spring outfit. Definitely recommend these.

Old NAvy Olive Cropped Chino Pant

Woman posing wearing a black/white striped t-shirt, cropped wide leg olive green pants and black sneakers.
SIze 4 – Old Navy Canada | USA

I was eyeing similar olive pants from Anthropologie, but between the price and having to import these into Canada, I opted out.

So when I say these more budget versions from Old Navy I snapped them up!

They fit true to my size 4, perfectly high waist and a sturdy 98% cotton and 2% spandex canvas material–definite keepers!

I haven’t worn these out yet, but I will update this post when I do, as I’m a little hesitant that they may not keep their shape like the other Old Navy chinos. Hoping for the best and will come back to review them.

Shop Olive Green Pants for Spring/Summer:

Which Spring Olive Green Pants Would You Choose?

If you are shopping for olive green pants for this coming spring/summer season, I hope I helped you on your search!

I will update this post after wearing more of these and washing them in the near future.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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