Old Navy SwimSuit & Bikini Try on Haul – Summer 2024

I’ve been in search of easy bathing suits and bikinis that I could take to the beach or to the spa.

So when Old Navy Canada had a swimsuit sale for Summer 2024, I hopped right on!

old NAvy Summer Swimwear – What I Love & Returned

As always, here’s a reference to my shape/size: size S/4 and squishy hourglass shape.

Because retailers like Old Navy change their discount codes and pricing regularly, the prices they’re currently selling at might not be the same.

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Floral Swimsuit Dress

This one was love at first try! It fit beautifully and the skirt is a nice change from a usual bathing suit, especially on days I feel more shy.

This can easily double as a little dress for when I take my kiddos to the splash pads, or I plan on getting somewhat wet and don’t want to care about it!

✔️ Keepers

Sporty Black One-PIece Swimsuit with Contrast ZIpper

I love the look of this one, with the contrast piping/exposed zipper. More interesting than a basic black one piece swimsuit, and it’s much easier to get in and out of. It has cup inside too.

However, it somewhat bunched in the bum area and felt like it was going to wedge up between my cheeks–I can’t image how much worse it was going to get when coming out of a pool! So I sent it back.


Two-Tone Front Zip one-PIece Bathing Suit

I really wanted two-tone orange and pink version, but they were out of my size. Blue isn’t usually my color but I really liked the colors and the front knot detail on this one.

However, it had a similar cut in the derriere area, while also having a larger crotch width. As you can see above, it’s bunching in the nether regions and the middle seam just accentuate it.

So this one went into the returns bag as well.


Twist Bikini Halter Top with High Waisted Bottoms

This bikini top is so well made and fits like a glove. Like a friend on Instagram said, it looks designer and she’s right!

Unlike some of the other bikini tops from Old Navy, this one has a clasp at the back, making it that much easier to take on/off, especially when wet. Perfect!

The bottoms looked and fit fine, but I wasn’t sure about the ribbed material and how well it would hold up in water. I didn’t want to find out, so I didn’t keep it.

✔️Kept the top, returned the bottom

LEopard Print High Waisted BIkini Bottoms


As you know, I love my leopard and cheetah-style prints, so this one I had to try! It fits like the previous black high-waisted bikini bottom but in a classic ‘bathing suit’ material.

As much as I liked the mismatched look with the black bikini top, as you can see above, the seams were looking bleached-out (not actually bleached, but had a white tinge to it).

I can’t imagine how much more discolored it would get with chlorine or salt water, so I opted out.


Striped Linen-Blend Matching Shorts Set with Shirt

I almost got this mix linen striped button up shirt set with shorts in other colors but stopped myself!

It is not a swimsuit, but somewhat a bathing suit adjacent item as it can easily act as a cover-up or easy beach vacation piece.

It’s not transparent at all, and I will definitely be wearing this matching set to the park on summer days!

I do wish it was pure linen, as the linen/viscose blend is not as breathable, but the price is right, as is the look, so why not keep it to mix and match with other coord sets!


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That’s it for this Old NAvy Summer Bathing Suit Try-on!

I’ve linked all the items below for easy shopping. I’ll update this post if any items shrink, get damaged in the wash, or disintegrate in any way!

Keep an eye out for my new outfit posts for Summer, which will feature many of the items above.

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